Hunter Biden Claims He Isn’t Sure If The Laptop Belongs To Him

It’s hard to believe that someone could own a laptop, and then forget that they owned the laptop. 

Hunter Biden now claims that he is not sure if he owned the laptop reported by the New York Post was his or not. 

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“I really don’t know,” Hunter repeated. “I don’t have any idea, I have no idea whether or not.” 

The Presidents som was asked if he believed the laptop could be his, and he responded by saying “”Of course certainly. It, it, there could be a laptop out there that was stolen from me. It could be that I was hacked. It could be that it was the – that it was Russian intelligence. It could be that it was stolen from me.”

Most people, would realize if something so expensive was stolen from them. Especially if it had such sensitive information and photographs. 

This however, can give us insight into the case. If Hunter Biden believes that there is a chance the laptop may belong to him, the materials on the laptop must be real. 

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Fox News wrote “Hunter Biden’s answer at least partially contradicts a comment President Biden made as recently as December that he thought the laptop and the information on it were the products of a Russian smear campaign.”

The story was heavily censored when it first broke. Twitter claimed that the story was based on “illegally obtained material” and was against their guidelines. However, they did not censor stories regarding Donald Trump’s taxes. 

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