Sharon Osbourne Wants $900K BLM Donation Back

While shopping in Beverly Hills this week, Sharon Osbourne was asked about her opinion on Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” shirts.

The rapper, who goes by Ye, was heavily criticized after being seen in the shirt during his Yeezy fashion show in Paris.

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Following the uproar the shirts caused on social media, West took to Instagram to say “Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter was a scam, now it’s over, you’re welcome.”

He also defended his decision during a recent interview with Tucker Carlson.

When asked about the shirts, Osbourne told TMZ, “I don’t understand why white lives don’t matter? I don’t understand it.”

“Everybody matter’s don’t they?” she added.

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She was also asked if she agrees with West’s point, to which she responded, “I don’t know what his point is. See I don’t know.”

The reporter then pointed out how West called Black Lives Matter a “scam.”

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“Oh, well, we gave $900,000 dollars to that and I’d like my money back,” she said while laughing.

“I wish he could have said that before,” she joked about West’s comments.

Osbourne also said West shouldn’t be canceled over his actions and encouraged people to ignore him if they don’t “like him.”

“Don’t go to his social media. Don’t listen to his music,” she said. “Leave the guy alone. Let him do what he does, and if you don’t like him, do that.”

Osbourne, who has been accused of being racist, recently told Daily Mail, “I learned a lot through [getting canceled] but you are who you are. I am not a racist … never said one racist thing.”

“People are woke, it’s a whole different world out there. People conduct themselves differently now,” she added.

Osbourne had defended her friend, Piers Morgan, after he made comments about Meghan Markle.

“There are three things I never want to talk about, religion, politics and minority groups because you can never win,” she said.


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