Nashville police REFUSE to release Transgender School Shooter Manifesto

The motives of transgender school shooter Audrey Hale will remain a mystery

The Manifesto of transgender school shooter Audrey Hale will not be released by Nashville police according to a spokesperson for the department.

“No, we will not be releasing the manifesto during an open investigation,” said a spokesperson who was asked for comment by the Daily Caller.

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The spokesperson indicated that the investigation is still open and ongoing despite the suspect having been intercepted at the scene and shot to death by police officers.

The police first announced that they had discovered writings by the now deceased shooter on Monday. The writings allegedly indicated that the 28-year-olds attack on school children at the Covenant School was premeditated.

The release indicated that Hale had a “calculated” plan to carry out her devastating attack. The contents of these documents however will remain a mystery to the public, as the Nashville Metro Police Department seems to have no intention of releasing them.

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There seems to be no word on whether or not the manifesto will be released in the future, after this investigation is wrapped up. Hale’s motives for the tragic shooting will likely continue to be an anomaly, subject to speculation.

The horrific incident occurred at The Covenant School, a Presbyterian educational institution catering to approximately 200 students ranging from preschool through sixth grade.

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The heartbreaking event resulted in the loss of three innocent children and three adults at the hands of a female shooter armed with two “assault-style” rifles (what ever that means) and a pistol.


The perpetrator has been identified as Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a resident of Nashville, who allegedly identified as transgender.

The situation reached its conclusion when police intervened and shot the suspect, leading to her untimely demise. Notably, Hale was formerly a student at the school, making the tragedy even more poignant.

During his response, President Biden expressed his hope that the incident would serve as a catalyst for Congress to pass a new assault weapons ban, similar to the one he had helped to enact back in 1994.

The President also made flippant remarks about having only come to the press briefing related to the shooting because he had heard there would be ice cream present. He then boasted about having an entire refrigerator full of the stuff upstairs in his quarters.

This earlier legislation placed that Biden referenced a 10-year prohibition on the manufacture, transfer, or ownership of “semiautomatic assault weapons” and “large capacity ammunition feeding devices.” However, this law formally expired on September 13th, 2004.


President Biden’s call for a renewed ban on assault weapons is part of a broader effort to address the issue of gun violence in the United States.

Despite The President’s calls for action, rifles, including the now infamous AR-15 account for less homicide than knives, blunt objects, and bare-handed assaults according to the FBI’s universal crime reporting database.


There appears to be very little focus on school safety policy which could actually serve to make schools a safer place and protect the lives of American kids.

Many have pitched the idea of one-way fire doors set with alarms, while one entrance serves to let students in and out of each school. This alone would significantly mitigate risk, but added security and metal detectors would add all the more safety.

Unfortunately, in the United States, tragedy’s that involve firearms are almost always politicized and used to push anti-gun agendas.

Here’s what some Twitter users had to say regarding the manifesto


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