Pre-School Teacher Admits To Masturbating At Work

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A preschool teacher from Oregon was suspended after tweeting about masturbation at work, and the creation of an Only Fans page. 

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The Daily Caller reported, that Marco Antonio Reyes Rojas, a preschool teacher at Fruit and Flower Child Care Center in Portland, Oregon, came to attention when he was featured in the media in August for sharing his story with monkeypox, raising more than $7,000 on his GoFundMe account, according to Newsweek. Rojas was later suspended from his job and future child care positions by the State of Oregon after Rojas had allegedly “posted sexually explicit and highly concerning posts.”

Rojas, possibly better known as “Sensual Bottom” on Twitter said “30-year-old Mexican oral power bottom living in Portland, OR. Preschool teacher by day and sensual bottom by night. 18+,” for all to see. 

Rojas also tweeted “Ford (sic) masturbating at work. It felt sooooo good. I don’t know why I haven’t done this yet,” at the end of the sentence was a popular purple-horned devil emoji smiling. 

Just as you thought it may not be possible for the Rojas tweets to get any worse, they do. 

He continued “I swear I’m still high rn at work And horny.” Followed by a series of emojis implying sexual emotions. 

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Rojas has been prohibited from working around minors for at least the next 5 years, though many believe it should be much longer. 

The teacher became sexually aroused and pleasured himself during school hours while he was supposed to be looking after 5-year-olds. 

There seems to be little reason why Rojas isn’t made a registered sex offender. By admission, he masturbated in a public setting near children. 

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The OCC (Office of Child Care) in Oregon has seen fit that he is registered. Rojas was described as “posing a substantial threat and serious danger to the health and safety of children.”

Rojas also tweeted about his body needing to be exposed. 


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