Biden Funded Clinic Gives Crack Pipes To Daily Caller Reporters

The Biden administration has claimed time and time again that the distribution of crack pipes has not been funded by the federal government. New information reveals that a Biden-funded “harm reduction” clinic is doing just that. 

The Daily Caller reported, that New York Harm Reduction Educators (NYHRE), a part of OnPointNYC, was awarded nearly $400,000 in grant money from the Biden administration in May to further its services for drug addicts, government records show. Biden officials denied reports that the grant money could fund distribution of crack pipes, but a visit to NYHRE’s office revealed that the organization still offers the smoking paraphernalia to addicts.

A Daily Caller reporter infiltrated one of the two clinics run by the organizations, and after roughly 10 minutes of basic paperwork, the journalist was provided with a plastic bag containing a crack pipe, a condom, and lubricant.

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To be sure, the Daily Caller dispatched a second reporter to the scene. In only minutes she was given a crack pipe and taken to the back of the facility where she witnessed addicts smoking and injecting a multitude of substances under the supervision of the clinic’s staff. 

When the Daily Caller employee told the staff that she was claustrophobic and would like to smoke outdoors, she was told no. The staff told her that the building was located next to a school.


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