NYC Provides Illegals With Free Phones, Healthcare, And School Supplies

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Hundreds of migrants, many of whom have been sent to New York City by Governor Greg Abbott have lined up outside of Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx to get free phones, healthcare coverage and school supplies. 

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This project certainly costs a substantial amount of money, and if you live in NYC, and pay taxes you’re paying for it! 

The New York Post reported, The event, organized by the city hospital system, was billed as a “resource and family fun day” for the migrants and their children, many of whom have come to New York City in droves in recent weeks.

One Venezuelan,  Luis Quintana, said that he had come to the hospital to get “to get an ID and health insurance” after getting to the Big Apple on Friday. 

“I’m feeling well now, but I wasn’t. I was uncomfortable on the bus. The bathroom on the bus was closed for several hours,” he said. 

The illegal immigration crisis continues to worsen, and the federal government refuses to intervene in order to mitigate the issue. 

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New York City has begun housing the migrants in luxury hotels on the taxpayer’s dime. 

Mayor Eric Adams is converting “The Row NYC” into a homeless shelter where migrants will be allowed to live. 

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A hotel staffer says that the city is currently working on an agreement with the owners of the building to designate it as a shelter for the homeless. 

“It’ll be here at this hotel, but they’ll keep the DHS (Department of Homeless Services) shelter on a certain floor. But that hasn’t started yet, they said a month or two.” He said. 

The City has not disclosed how much exactly the project will cost, but it’s no doubt that the cost to house and feed more than 600 migrant families won’t be a small one. This cost will of course be paid for by the taxpayers of New York. 

The hotel is one of luxury. Even the cheapest rooms “boast ‘understated city chic’ decor” according to the post. 

The lounge features several Mac computers with an allotted 30 minutes of web browsing per user. The hotel also offers gym services and a lobby with a scene likened to a “red carpet event”. 

Outside of NYC, Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington D.C. has begged the Biden administration to help process the influx of illegal immigrants on multiple occasions. 

After request, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin denied the use of the national guard in the processing of migrants because deployment would “negatively impact” the readiness of the Guard.

According to a Department of Defense spokesperson, these requests are “taken very seriously,” yet remain unfulfilled. Bowser claims that she needs the guard for “logistical support.”

Bowser pleaded with the administration begging them to “to help prevent a prolonged humanitarian crisis in our nation’s capital resulting from the daily arrival of migrants in need of assistance”

Bowser has requested that the migrants be given special treatment by the Biden administration similar to that of war refugees. Bowser reports that the number of illegals that have arrived is upwards of 4,000. 

What is money? Money is a physical representation of your time and labor. If you make $20/hr, $20 is worth 1 hour of your labor. 

Why should any of your labor be taken from you via taxes and redistributed to house, feed, and equip illegal immigrants with cell phones? 

Laws have been broken, and now the hardworking people of America are responsible for paying the bills of those who have breached 8 U.S.C. § 1325 unlawful entry or failure to depart. 


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