Will Illegals Receive $450,000? Biden Contradicts Himself

Wednesday, President Joe Biden denied reports alleging that he would be designating more than $400,000 per illegal immigrant who was separated from their family under Trump’s zero tolerance policy. 

To double down even further, when Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked if the payments would incentivize illegal immigration Biden responded by saying, “If you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah. But it’s not true.”

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Then on Saturday, Biden contradicted his statement by saying that illegals “deserve some sort of compensation no matter what the circumstances” if they were separated. 

Biden’s Senior Advisor Cedric Richmond said, that Biden’s statements are not a contradiction, because “it was an absurd question from the beginning” asserting that “no one’s coming somewhere to lose their child.”

It seems as though Richmond does not understand the flaws of his own logic… Nobody is going somewhere to lose their child… unless they’re desperate and believe that they could gain half a million dollars per member of their family. 

Biden admitted on his own, with his own words that some sort of compensation is necessary. Any compensation would undoubtedly further incentivize illegal immigration. 

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If illegal immigrants did not cross U.S. borders illegally, they would not be separated from their children. Any person eligible for “compensation” would have to first break federal law regarding illegal entry. 

But Biden is willing to reward people for breaking the law, rather then punish them. 

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