NYC To House Illegal Immigrants In Luxury Hotel

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What do we do when thousands of illegal immigrants take over our cities? Deport them? How about putting them in Broadway hotels at the taxpayers expense! 

This is exactly what New York is doing while the city experiences a sharp influx of illegals. 

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The New York Post reported, Mayor Eric Adams plans to convert the Row NYC — formerly known as the Milford Plaza and located in pricey tourist-packed Times Square — into an intake center and shelter for as many as 600 migrant families amid the city’s spiraling homelessness crisis, three sources familiar with the matter said.

A hotel staffer says that the city is currently working on an agreement with the owners of the building to designate it as a shelter for the homeless. 

“It’ll be here at this hotel, but they’ll keep the DHS (Department of Homeless Services) shelter on a certain floor. But that hasn’t started yet, they said a month or two.” He said. 

The City has not disclosed how much exactly the project will cost, but it’s no doubt that the cost to house and feed more than 600 migrant families won’t be a small one. This cost will of course be paid for by the taxpayers of New York. 

The hotel is one of luxury. Even the cheapest rooms “boast ‘understated city chic’ decor” according to the post. 

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The lounge features several Mac computers with an allotted 30 minutes of web browsing per user. The hotel also offers gym services and a lobby with a scene likened to a “red carpet event”. 


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