California School Officer Disarms Potential Shooter

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The left would have you believe that school security doesn’t work, instead, to prevent shootings, America needs more gun control. 

Clearly, this isn’t the case. In California, a student at Lincoln High School in Stockton pulled out a loaded gun during a fight. He was immediately disarmed by a fast-acting school resource officer. 

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“A top priority of our department is the safety of students and staff on our school campuses,” said Joseph Silva, Stockton Police Department public information officer.

The Daily Caller reported, The student has been arrested and brought to San Joaquin Juvenile Hall for alleged battery, resisting arrest, making criminal threats and weapons charges, the police department told DCNF. The gun was not fired and two students received minor injuries during the fight.

The idea that In order to prevent bad things from happening, we need to ban the tools of monsters is demonstrably false. 

After 9/11, when jihadist terrorists hijacked an airplane using box cutters. In response,  we locked airports down and developed the DHS and TSA to ensure that nobody would ever be able to use an airplane as a weapon again. 

The airplane wasn’t banned, the box cutters weren’t banned… so why should guns be banned? What will stop people who already intend to commit a crime with a weapon from obtaining one from the black market? 

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And really, if we want to prevent homicide or seems we have bigger fish to fry than rifles. According to the FBI’s Universal Crime Reporting Database, rifles including the AR-15 only account for 1.5% of all homicides in America. 

Knives blow rifles out of the water with 7.33 times more murders at 11%. There are even more bars handed homicides than rifle homicides. Bare-handed homicide accounts for 4.7% of the whole number. 

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Where’s the push to ban knives, or more humorously, hands? There isn’t one because congress doesn’t seem to actually care about murders, but rather with an armed populace. 


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