Lee Greenwood Cancels Appearance At NRA

Lee Greenwood has canceled his performance at the NRA convention days after the school shooting in Uvalde Texas. 

“The unfortunate shooting in Texas took place at a very bad time. And for me to go and play at the NRA just days after the shooting would be an endorsement. And people would then deem that as, I like this weapon. And obviously, that weapon killed kids. And I just couldn’t go,” Greenwood said during an interview on Fox And Friends. 

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The shooting in and of itself seems like a plausible reason to cancel a performance, but to go as far as to completely diss the AR-15 Because it has “killed kids”? Knives have also killed kids, but we don’t hate or advocate against knife ownership. 

Rifles including the AR-15 account for less than 1.5% of homicides in America compared to a weapon like a knife which accounts for 11%, 7.3x less than rifles including the AR-15. Fists alone take up 4.7% of homicides in America, more than double the percentage of rifles. 

“During this Memorial Day Weekend, we should also remember the servicemen and women, and first responders who’ve given their lives to protect our great country,” Greenwood said.

“So I have made the decision to pull out as a performer for the NRA convention this weekend, especially given the event is just down the road. I’m a strong believer in the Second Amendment, and I know the NRA is a great organization that teaches strict gun safety with a membership of law-abiding citizens who love our country. I just believe this is best for me at this time. God bless everyone involved!” He concluded. 

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