Body Camera Shows Uvalde Officer Held Back – Wife Shot

A portion of released body camera footage from the Uvalde school shooting shows police officer Ruben Ruiz quickly walking ahead of other officers holding his gun. 

“Hey, hey, hey, hey – Ruben – Rubin!” One officer said as Ruiz marched ahead. “She says she’s been shot, Johnny!” Ruiz said as another officer grabbed him and directed him in the opposite direction. 

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“She” would turn out to be Eva Mireles, the wife of Ruben Ruiz, and a teacher at Robb Elementary. His wife was shot and killed and bled out because nobody was present to provide first aid according to reports.

Earlier released footage shows Ruiz on his phone down the hall from the classroom. This footage sparked outrage. How could a cop be so careless at the scene of an active school shooter that he’s comfortably using his cell phone as if it’s just another day? 

As it would turn out, reality was quite the opposite. Ruiz was texting his wife who was down the hall unknowing if he’d ever see her alive again. 

 “This officer is checking his phone while kids & teachers are literally dying a few doors down.” Said former speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives Terrance Carroll explaining that Ruiz’s actions are blood boiling. 

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Many became outraged not knowing the full context of the situation. 


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