Florida To Fine Social Media Websites That Ban Candidates

Ron DeSantis is expected to approve legislation that would penalize social media outlets for banning political candidates. 

Fox reported “Under the legislation, social media platforms would face fines of $250,000 per day for banning a Florida political candidate and $25,000 for other candidates. Platforms would also be required to publish standards on when users could face bans and to provide seven days of notice to candidates who face a potential suspension.”

The bill is in regards to any social media website that has upwards of 100 million active users. This would mean that Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram are all included in the bill and would be subjected to the fines. 

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This could, if passed lead to Donald Trump being unbanned from social media as he is a former politician, a future political candidate and he lives in Florida. 

Florida Rep. John Snyder however claims that this bill is not about Donald Trump. It’s about the right to free speech and combatting big tech censorship. 

It would apply to political candidates both right, left and center. 

Both the Florida Senate, and House have approved the bill. 

It’s high time that governments stood up against big tech, and stopped allowing them to erase those who don’t fall in line with leftist ideas.


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