CDC Study Finds That The Majority Of Teens Hospitalized For COVID Severely Obese

There is one important commonality among most teenagers hospitalized for COVID-19 and it’s not their age. A CDC study revealed that 61.4% of the more than 900 patients sampled were suffering from obesity. 

The researchers indicated that patients with severe obesity also required care for longer than those without. The condition only increases the severity of the virus.

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Ironically enough – political leaders and health officials are not making any big push to encourage American’s, especially those in their youth to begin a weight loss journey. Instead, they impose mask mandates that become self-defeating as soon as a person sits down to eat. 

There’s heavy debate when it comes to whether or not masks actually save lives. When it comes to obesity, there’s no debate. Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle will save lives. 

Not just from COVID either, obesity can serve to make many illnesses more risky and severe. Luckily weight is largely something that can be changed unlike pre-existing conditions like asthma that individuals are born with. 

According to the Daily Caller, youth obesity has only increased during the pandemic worsening the already existing issue. This is likely due to the sedentary behavior that lockdown culture breeds. 

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Instead of being encouraged to go out and exercise, children are being told to stay indoors away from activities that better fitness.  


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