New Austria Lockdown Dictates That All Unvaxxed Residents Over 12 Must Stay Home

COVID-19 has turned Austria into a police state. 

Monday, Austria enacted a nation wide lockdown for all unvaccinated residents over the age of twelve years old. This lockdown will affect more than 2 million people. 

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Unvaccinated person’s will only be allowed to leave their homes for limited reasons such as going to work, and buying groceries. 

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said, “We are not taking this step lightly but it is necessary.”

The step is necessary, necessary to bulky Austrian citizens into getting the jab through tyrannical government over reach. 

Austria has divided its citizenry into two groups, vaxxed and unvaxxed. Free, and not free. Those who refuse to get the vaccine are stripped of their basic human rights and forced to stay home. 

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Prior to the new lockdown, unvaccinated persons were already banned from restaurants, bars, hairdressers, and movie theatres. 

Unvaccinated individuals do not have free will in the nation of Austria. 

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The Austrian government says that the police will carry out public checks, verifying vaccination status. 

The police are able to forcibly vaccine check residents without probable cause or suspicion. In the United States this would be a grave constitutional violation. 


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