Australians Fight Back Against Tyrannical Lockdowns

In late July Australia deployed hundreds of soldiers to Sydney, in an effort to enforce a COVID lockdown.This came after a Delta “surge” caused 3,000 infections, and only 9 deaths.

Sydney is home to over 5,312,000 people. This means that only 0.056% of the population experienced infection, and 0.00016 died as a result.

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This was enough to effectively turn the city into a military occupied police state, with no free will.

Australians have had enough. After almost two months of strict lock downs, they broke. 

BBC reported, Anti-lockdown protesters clashed violently with police as thousands of unmasked people marched through the streets of Melbourne on Saturday.

Victoria police said they had made 218 arrests and that six officers were hospitalised during a series of altercations. Police said in a statement the majority of the estimated 4,000 demonstrators “came with violence in mind”.

This is what happens when millions of people are robbed of their liberty and stripped of free will. They become angry, and will do anything to regain the freedom they once held. 

The statement said, “The behaviour seen by police was so hostile and aggressive that they were left with no choice but to use all tactics available to them,”

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These protestors are not conspiracy theorists fighting oppression that doesn’t exist. They’re citizens of all backgrounds, fighting visible tyranny. 

Those arrested were issued fines ranging from $50-$3,000. Most were let go, but some remained in police custody. 

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The protests allegedly took place just after Daniel Andrews, Victoria’s Premier announced that lockdowns across Melbourne would be extended statewide.

This happened because the state recorded a mere 77 new cases of COVID-19. 


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