Biden Administration Considers New Mask Mandate

The Biden Administration is considering new guidance in relation mask wearing regardless of vaccination status. This new guidance would apply to indoor and outdoor settings.

The Daily Mail reported, Multiple sources told the Washington Post that high-level discussions are underway between top White House aides and Biden administration officials over whether the nation’s mask guidance should be updated following a spike in COVID-19 cases and plateau in vaccination rates.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) relaxed its mask guidance back in May, saying fully vaccinated Americans could go without masks in almost all indoor and outdoor settings, with the exception of public transport.

Many cite the Delta variant, claiming that this new variant out dates the CDC’s May guidance regarding masks.

The CDC however, on numerous occasions have come out and said that vaccinated persons are in fact protected from the Delta variant. 

It is possible for someone to contract the virus if they are vaccinated, but the likelihood is very low. The likelihood of having serious symptoms is even lower.

Some pro maskers feel that the President should just use his authority. “what good is power if we can’t wield it for good and public health?”

Nancy Pelosi is also on edge after one of her aides tested positive. The speaker said that guests at a Capitol reception were expected to wear masks. 

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