Fauci: U.S. Will Not Lockdown Again, But Things Are Going To Get Worse

Dr. Anthony Fauci might just be a voice of reason for once during this lasting pandemic. 

The Daily Caller reported, Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that the U.S. was likely to see more infections caused by the delta variant but not enough for the states to start issuing lockdowns again.

Fauci appeared on Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week” and told host Jonathan Karl that he believed the majority of infections would primarily impact those who had not yet gotten the novel coronavirus vaccine.

Meanwhile the government of New South Wales in Australia has marched its Army into Sydney to police it’s residents into abiding by new lockdown restrictions. 

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This comes after 9 people died and 3,000 were infected. The city of Sydney is home to over 5 million residents. 

Fauci claims that the solution is to get vaccinated. He says that a majority of those effected by the Delta variant will be those who have not received the inoculation. 

Previously the CDC said that vaccinated persons were safe from the virus, but then issued new guidance recommending indoor mask mandates even for unvaccinated persons.

When things like this happen the people, citizens lose trust in health officials that seem to be sending mixed signals and appear to be confused. 

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In all corners of the country and even the world officials have been discussing new lockdown measures and what their benefits and drawbacks would be. 

The truth is that no city needs to close down completely with a death count in the single, or even double digits. 

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Sydney for example has experienced a case rate of less than 0.06% of their population. Of those who were infected, only 0.3% died. 

In all less than 0.0001% of Sydney residents experienced a fatal case of COVID-19. 


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