LA County Recommends That Vaccinated People Wear Masks Again

It seems that the COVID 19 pandemic will be carried on as long as it creates power for the government to wield. 

Just two weeks after lifting its mask mandate, LA county is once again asking that all persons mask up indoors regardless of vaccine status. This comes out of alleged fear that the Delta variant would cause a surge in cases and deaths among even those with the vaccine. 

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The Los Angeles Times  reported, (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky said that vaccinated people are safe from the Delta variant and confirmed that the CDC maintains its position that vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks indoors.

It’s no surprise that the World Health Organization agrees with guidance from LA county health officials. Perhaps the WHO is simply looking for another COVID 19 related action to be wrong about. 

The Washington Post reported, “County health officials said 123 people were infected with the delta variant from June 4 to 18. Ten were fully vaccinated, and none of those people needed hospital care.”

This means that less than 10% of all of those infected with the delta variant in LA county are actually vaccinated. 

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We are now left wondering what is next for LA county? Do we re-enter a locked down state? Roll back social distancing rules, and require masks outside? Will the pandemic ever go away? 

When it does will masking be required for the flu which infects tens of millions a year, and kills tens of thousands? 

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These are unfortunately questions we have to keep in mind when facing governments that are willing to impede the free will of their nations people and violate constitutional rights in the name of coronavirus. 


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