Video Shows Chinese Quarantine Officers Mummifying Man In Tape

The Chinese government has been known to publicly shame lockdown breakers, and even after backlash, the practice seems to continue.

A recent viral video shows Chinese quarantine officers tying up residents with tape. The video shows the victim mummified in clear packing tape by officers in hazmat suits. 

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After being wrapped up, the arrested person is hauled off and thrown in a vehicle. His fate after that is unknown. 

In December, another video went viral of officers walking 4 men tied up in hazmat suits through the city. On their chests were cards displaying all of their personal information 

State-owned media alleged that the men were accused of smuggling people over the border, describing the COVID-19 situation as “severe and complex”. The action comes as a result of the state’s strict “zero-COVID strategy”. 

The Chinese government has never been shy of humiliating its people to coerce them into behaving the way they desire. This seems to run parallel with their social credit system that punishes/rewards citizens based on social interactions. 

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