Milwaukee Babies In ER Amidst Formula Shortage

Several Milwaukee babies have been admitted to the Emergency room for malnutrition due to the nationwide formula shortage. 

Reportedly, mothers have started making formula at home out of household ingredients. The handmade baby milk apparently is not able to meet the nutrition needs of the babies, causing them to be hospitalized. 

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Joe Biden flew in 70,000 pounds of the previous powder from Germany, but this supply wing last long. More than 3,000,000 babies are born each year in the United States, but to mention babies born in the previous year are still babies. 

The Daily Mail reported The shipment from the US military’s Ramstein Air Base in Germany is the first in Biden’s Operation Fly Formula program, aimed at ramping up international imports of baby formula to raise US supply. 

Biden’s economic advisor says that the newly obtained formula will hit shelves within the week. Unfortunately, it will likely be gone within the week as well. 

Rather than solve the formula shortage and other supply chain issues, Joe Biden is more interested in signing a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine from South Korea. Babies are starving at home, and the President is dumping billions into a foreign war. 


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