WATCH: Fetterman Suggested an Indefinite Covid Lockdown

Listen Here

RNC Research resurfaced the video saying “NEW: In April 2020, John Fetterman suggested an INDEFINITE COVID lockdown. “We are weeks away from any kind of major announcement opening — IF AT ALL.””

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They followed up the tweet by saying “Two months later, while the Pennsylvania Department of Health was telling people to STAY HOME, John Fetterman took his family on a taxpayer-funded vacation to New Jersey.”

While advocating for aggressive COVID lockdowns, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman took a taxpayer-funded vacation to the Jersey Shore in June 2020.

Users on Twitter roasted John Fetterman after seeing this

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“It wants to spread and what we’ve done in Pennsylvania through the governor’s aggressive stay-at-home orders has really stopped that, and I believe we’re plateaued. But we are weeks away from any kind of major announcement opening — if at all,” Fetterman said in the video

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“If you are a parent that wants to safely reopen schools, then it all comes back to what you’re willing to do — and that’s masking, masking, masking,” Fetterman claimed.

Watch the Video Here, Posted by RNC Research on Twitter


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