Dave Chappelle Attacked During Show – The View Blames Trump

During a show in Los Angeles, a spectator jumped on stage and attacked Dave Chappelle.  The assailant was armed with a knife disguised as a handgun. The weapon appeared to be a replica of a handgun with a concealed knife blade inside. 

The attacker, Isaiah Lee was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and held on $30,000 bail after a trip to the ER. Chappelle was left unharmed. 

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It didn’t take long for The View to link the attack to former President Donald Trump. 

Whoopi Goldberg commented on the rise in violent attacks, particularly in Hollywood – Co-host Joy Behar responded by saying, “There are the things that contribute to what’s going on – the pandemic, the opioid crisis, the fact that Trump was out there saying things like, ‘Just knock the hell out of them, I promise you I’ll pay for the legal fees’ when he had a heckler. I mean, there are many factors involved here.”

A guest, Lindsey Granger countered the point by saying, “This is not a political thing, come on. I know you want to wrap it all under politics, but this is really about security.” He went on to explain that despite not being a right-wing person, Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock at the Oscars.

It seemed like while Trump was in office, all the left-wing media wanted to do was get rid of him, but even after two years of absence, they can’t resist talking about 45. 

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