Theses Airlines Won’t Mandate the Vaccine For Workers

United Airlines is requiring that all employees get vaccinated by October 25th 2021. 

American Airlines, Delta, and Southwest all broke suit, when they announced that their employees would be able to continue working without vaccination. 

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Southwest and American Airlines put out similar statements. They both said that they have and will continue to encourage their employees to get vaccinated, but won’t mandate the shot. 

Southwest will “continue to strongly encourage” that workers get inoculated, but will not require it.” Said CEO Gary Kelly. 

Kelly went on to explain, “Obviously, I am very concerned about the latest Delta variant, and the effect on the health and safety of our employees and our operation, but nothing has changed,”

American Airlines explained that they even gave incentives for vaccinated workers, though unvaccinated persons will remain employed. 

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“We are strongly encouraging our team members to get vaccinated, and we are offering an incentive for those who do. American Airlines team members who get vaccinated are provided an additional day off in 2022 and $50 through our employee recognition platform,” the Airline said in a statement. 


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