Tennessee To Be The Newest State With ‘Constitutional Carry’

As the President treads on our second amendment rights and attempts to restrict who can own weapons, and what type, the states show resistance. 

Tennessee is the most recent state to adopt a ‘constitutional carry law’. This allows most adults to carry a firearm without a permit according to the Tennessean. 

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The bill was signed into law by the states governor, Bill Lee, and will take effect on the first of July. 

The Tennessean reported that adults 21 and over can carry their handgun with no permits. The law a also extends to members of the military ages 18-20. 

Prior to this legislation it was a misdemeanour to carry a pistol without a permit. This has since been revoked. The theft of a firearm has also been moved from a misdemeanour to a felony. 

This law does not do away with background checks and prevention of dangerous persons from obtaining a firearm. Permit-less carry laws will not extend to felons, those convicted of domestic violence, or individuals with a DUI, stalking conviction and some mental illnesses. 


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