Deserted American Family Begs Biden For Help From Afghanistan

As of right now, we have no idea how many American citizens are actually stranded in Afghanistan. Some estimates put the number from 10,000-15,000, however the Daily Mail reported that number could be as high as 40,000. 

One American family in particular is stranded, begging the Biden Administration for help. They claim that they have “no safety” in the Taliban controlled region. 

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Haroon, an American citizen spoke on the situation during an interview with Fox and Friends. 

“We all know what’s going to happen next the few days or next couple weeks after Americans leave Afghanistan. So everyone is scared.” Haroon said. 

Even more terrifyingly, the man received an Email claiming that the U.S. embassy was open. When Haroon arrived, he was met by Taliban fighters. 

“I saw the Taliban sitting there, I couldn’t give myself the courage to go and ask them, ‘Hey, I’m an American. I want to go in the embassy.’” He stated. 

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He says that above all his goal is to evacuate his family, and remove them from the dangerous situation that they currently face. 

Haroon called out to President Biden “Please help all these families that are on the street. Their kids are not deserving this. They help you and they help America, they help the world. They put their life at risk to help the world, to do the right thing. This is what my family did.”

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Anyone outside the airport, who is American or worked with America have been put in a very vulnerable position, as the Taliban set up checkpoints. 

“All those people that are right behind the airport, 80 percent of them, they have paperwork that proves they did work with America. And now the Taliban are right there.” 

It’s unclear what the Taliban may do if they find this paperwork. 


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