Ikea’s Racist Uproar over Serving Soul Food on June 19th

There is simply no appeasing those who are angry for a living.

An Ikea location in Atlanta, Georgia has become the latest in a long line of American branch offices of big companies to be hoisted by their own woke petard. In celebration of June 19th, the final day in which slavery was practiced in the re-sutured United States, the Ikea location decided to roll out a festive menu; complete with fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, collard greens, and watermelon. You can probably see where this is going.

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Several of the location’s employees walked off the job to impress their followers, and the grifters that make a living on people feeling victimized were quick to seize on the fake outrage. Meanwhile, normal functioning people (people who have better things to do than break down perceived slights of disrespect on a molecular level) thought the spread sounded pretty good. Is it so hard to be honest?

Fortunately, not wanting to be wasteful, the Atlanta branch Ikea decided to simply space out the “soul food” on separate days to be served.

Ignoring the fact that macaroni is Italian and fired chicken is Scottish, was it perhaps a bit tone-deaf of the branch manager to approve this menu? Perhaps, but as mentioned before, there is no appeasing those who are angry for a living. If the food hadn’t been the issue, a cooking staff that didn’t meet the mob’s very stringent diversity requirements would have been. If not that, then there would have been demands that black customers get their food for free. Perhaps the term “collared” greens would have given someone a nervous breakdown because it, to them, insinuates a collar like that for a pet or a servant.

What Ikea really needs is to start selling novelty signs that read “Do not feed the woke.”

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