McCloskey SHOWS OFF New Rifle!

The McCloskeys – better known as Ken & Karren in the memetic circles – are showing little sign of changing their ways after being forced to disarm and pay fines for defending their property and their lives.

Mark McCloskey, the senate hopeful whose home was nearly overrun by a destructive mob of “peaceful protesters”, flaunted his brand new ArmaLite rifle on social media. This new rifle is serving as a replacement for the rifle that Mark surrendered as part of a plea deal, as well as a $750 fine. While not a crippling amount to the McCloskey’s, their prosecution was stark and disgusting appeasement of mobs tearing across neighborhoods and getting away with it.

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The gate to their property was wrecked, the mob threatened to kill Mark and his wife, and then they were both dragged in the media as the pictures the rioters took went viral. Unfortunately for BLM, however, most of those images were doctored to put the McCloskey’s in a heroic light. Such was the anonymous consensus of the internet at large.

But Mark defiantly says he’d do it again, reigniting the debate over whether or not human beings have the right to not be savaged by rioters. In many cases, accounts of the events leading up to the incident on the McCloskey’s property varied wildly. The disparity of information is vast.

It is easy to disparage people as being recklessly violent when you’ve never been faced with a life or death situation; when violence and danger are only things that exist in fiction and in far-off places and times. The McCloskey’s acting in defense of their lives and home is what all people are rightly entitled to do. If the sensibilities of those coming to destroy are given greater importance than the well-being of those risking their health and reputations to protect, there won’t be much left.


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