South Carolina To Bring Back Firing Squads

As drugs needed to execute death row inmates via injections have become scarce and not always available, South Carolina works to bring back the firing squad. 

it is believed that most states in which the death penalty is even legal the means of execution is almost always injection. Many feel this way is more humane. But is it the Truth?

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Fox News reported: “The state House voted 66-43 Wednesday on legislation that would allow death row inmates to choose between being shot or electrocuted if lethal injection drugs aren’t available. The state is one of nine that still use the electric chair and will become the fourth to use firing squads. “

Governor Henry McMaster says that he will sign the legislation as soon as it gets to his desk. He proclaims that the use of firing squads and the electric chair will deliver closure to the families of victims. 

The only issue is the possibility of innocence. In any situation where the death penalty is legal, there is always a chance that innocent convicts will be executed. If our Justice system has failed, the incarcerated have the opportunity to appeal. 

Execution removes that opportunity to appeal. 

One thing is for sure, bullets are definitely cheaper than chemicals needed fit injection. And they are certainly more abundant. 

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Arguably bullets are also more effective at doing their job quickly and decisively. The act just appears more barbaric. The death however, is likely far more swift and painless. 


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