NBC Doctors Lia Thomas Photos, Brushes Out Masculine Features

The mainstream media is actively using deceit to change your perception of Lia Thomas, a transgender NCAA 500 freestyle women’s champion. 

NBC found themselves wrapped up in a scandal after using doctored images to depict the Biologically male Ivy League swimmer in their articles. 

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The images of Thomas posted by NBC were very clearly airbrushed to make the athlete appear more feminine. The editing is most prevalent in the areas of the cheekbones and jaw. 

Of course, most people consciously or subconsciously see strong jawlines and cheekbones as masculine characteristics. Men more often than women have strong defined facial structures in these areas. 

“The edited image has definitely undergone some sort of softening and smoothing effect, it’s clear this job was not done by a professional. This level of skin smoothing is a hallmark sign of an amateur job.”

said Jonathan Gallegos, a former White House director of digital content under the 45th President. 

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Even red marks on Thomas’ face left by goggles, which are otherwise visible on non-edited photos from the same time, are almost invisible. 

Critics were quick to call the move by NBC ‘unethical’ and ‘disingenuous’ which are rather fair assessments of the behavior. 

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