GOP Rep Receives THREATENING Letter Against Wife, Baby

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger shared a frightening letter that threatened to “execute” his family, including his 5-month-old baby.

“Here is the letter. Addressed to my wife, sent to my home, threatening the life of my family,” the congressman said on Twitter.

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Addressed to Kinzinger’s wife, Sofia, the letter says “That pimp you married not only broke his oath, he sold his soul”.

“Therefore, although it might take time, he will be executed,” the letter goes on to warn. “But don’t worry! You and Christian will be joining Adam in hell too!”

“We find it blasphemous that you name the sone of the devil Christian!” the letter ends.

Kinzinger is one of two Republicans on the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

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While appearing on ABC News’ “This Week,” the congressman said his wife received the letter a few days ago.

George Stephanopoulos had asked if he fears for his and his family’s safety.

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“I’m not worried personally. This threat that came in, it was mailed to my house. We got it a couple of days ago and it threatens to execute me, as well as my wife and 5-month-old child. We’ve never seen or had anything like that. It was sent from the local area,” Kinzinger said.

“I don’t worry — but now that I have a wife and kids, of course, it’s a little different,” he added.

Over the same weekend, Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw was confronted by a number of far-right activists at the Republican Party of Texas Convention in Houston. He was called a “globalist RINO” and a “traitor”.


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