Ivy League Crooks?

If a recent court decision to deny students tuition refunds for time lost during the covid lock-downs rubbed you the wrong way, then you might be encouraged to hear that the ongoing feud over Harvard’s openly flaunted racial preference policies could be headed to the Supreme Court.

In an effort to “diversity campuses” (the exact benefit of which is never quite given), many universities have implemented affirmative action policies that establish racial quotas. These quotas, apparently, are determined by long-term scoring averages between the races of applicants. Asians (broad a term as it is), ethnic Jews, and European Americans are given a very high bar for entry, while Africans and Hispanics (another ambiguous, catch-all term) are essentially granted a handicap. This brazenly discriminatory policy is both damaging to the private sector and incredibly condescending to select ethnic denominations.

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Imagine institutions as influential as Harvard having such low expectations for you that you are given special permission to perform at a level that would be academically prohibitive to others. Imagine if you were a student of a race the university thinks less of who had terrific marks. You might be led to think “Why did I try so hard if the guy who skipped class every other day got accepted to?”

Squashing the scores of accomplished, well-deserving students in order to inflate the results of those who will, essentially, require constant grade-fixing to keep from failing coursework beyond their capabilities is an egregious and prolific demonstration of academic malpractice. Before our eyes, access to advanced coursework is being made available on a genotypical basis – a racist basis that’s dolled-up and marketed to idiots as a means for “equality” when they really mean equity.

In an equitable society, people are forced into sameness. The things that make individual exceptional are punished, not celebrated. People are pressed down, not up. And what is someone supposed to do about their genes? Wish they had different ones? Regret the ones they have? Disgusting.

Here’s hoping Harvard finally faces Justice.

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