Pride Mural Defaced By Trump Supporter is Arrested

An arrest was made after a Florida man vandalized a Pride mural with skid marks from his Chevy truck and drove recklessly.

The culprit is a 19-year-old adult named, Alexander Michael Jerich, and according to police, was participating in a “President Trump Birthday Rally” caravan.

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According to police documents, “The Chevy truck continues to recklessly skid sideways, almost hitting the NW curb to the sidewalk in front of the Hyatt hotel. It should be noted that this intersection is very pedestrian-friendly, and the Hyatt hotel has an open lounge sitting area on that sidewalk corner, which the truck would have collided into if it would have hit the curb. The video shows that the driver willfully drove the vehicle with disregard for the safety of any other persons or property.”

“It should be noted that since the act of vandalism, an outcry from the Delray Beach community has occurred to show support against the crime and to rally with the LGBTQ community, through the calls to the DBPD and posts on social media and news media,” they added.

Jerich turned himself in and is charged with criminal mischief, reckless driving with property damage, and evidence of prejudice. The last charge elevates the crime to a felony.

According to the artist who painted the street mural, the project costed $16,720 and determined the damages were too severe to try and restore it.


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