CDC: Natural Immunity 6x Stronger Than Vaccine Against Delta

As you may have guessed, natural immunity was stronger against the Delta strain of COVID-19 than vaccinations. In fact, natural immunity was six times stronger according to a report from the CDC. 

WFLA, an NBC affiliate reported, The report, published on Jan. 19, analyzed COVID outcome data from New York and California, which make up about one in six of the nation’s total COVID deaths.

The study has limits — namely, it was done before the omicron wave and doesn’t factor in any information about boosters. It does, however, broadly agree with studies from other countries.

Omicron appears to be less responsive to immunity in general. The variant is far more infectious and spreads quicker, but at the same time is much less lethal and kills less often. 

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The report appears to blame the lack of vaccine-induced immunity on its expiration Almost as if the vaccine began to wear off around this time causing the 6 fold difference in protection. 

“Importantly, infection-derived protection was greater after the highly transmissible Delta variant became predominant, coinciding with early declining of vaccine-induced immunity in many persons.” The report states. 

Previous CDC studies have suggested that the vaccine is far stronger than natural immunity. The reports even indicated that a naturally immune person is 5.49 times more likely to be reinfected. When it comes to the pandemic, hypocrisy and a sense of experts being unaware are common, perhaps even the norm. 


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