Alabama Defends Women’s Sports

On April 23, Republican Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey, signed into law a bill that ensures transgender students participate in school sports with others of the gender they were born with.

This bill, HB 391, will effect children who are in the K-12 public school system.

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Republican State Representative, Scott Stadthagen, sponsored the bill making the argument that the bill is to defend girl’s sports.

He said, “I feel sorry for the kids you’re talking about, I really do. But what about the females who have worked since they started at 4 years old, and they get to high school and all their dreams and scholarships yanked before their eyes?”

The LGBT+ support group, Human Rights Campaign’s, Alabama director, Carmarion D. Anderson-Harvey, was not pleased.

Anderson-Harvey argued the bill would risk a rise of bullying towards transgender students and elevated suicide rates.

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She said, “Trans kids are kids. They deserve every opportunity like every other kid to play the sport they identify in.”


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