Former Obama Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Of Staff Speaks Out About Botched Airstrike

On the 29th of August President Joe Biden Authorized an air strike in Kabul. The strike targeted a vehicle believed to have contained ISIS-K suicide bombers posing an “imminent threat” to the Kabul airport where U.S. troops were positioned. 

The strike came only hours after a suicide bombing at the airport that killed 13 U.S. service members. 

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On the 17th of September, General Kenneth McKenzie admitted during a Pentagon briefing that 10 civilians were killed in the Biden authorized strike. 7 of those 10 were children under the age of ten years old. McKenzie also admitted, that none of those effected were linked to ISIS-K. 

Now, Obama’s Former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Mike Mullen has called for accountability over the murderous strike. 

Fox News reported, 

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen on Sunday said there “absolutely” needs to be accountability for the botched Kabul drone strike that killed several civilians.

Mullen spoke to ABC’s “This Week” a couple days after the head of the U.S. Central Command Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. announced that it is unlikely any ISIS-K members were killed in a Kabul drone strike on Aug. 29, where he was asked whether there needs to be accountability.

Notably, Mullen also supported President Trump’s decision to strike Qassem Soleimani.

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The Pentagon seemed dazed and confused from the get go. They claimed there were suicide bombers. Then the Pentagon admitted to CNN, that it may have been a cat bomb 

It seems the only way our government really “knew” explosives were present, was as a result of secondary explosions after the first. Indicating that they were not 100% sure prior to shooting a missile at civilians. 

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As it turns out there was not any explosives. Secondary explosions could be caused by anything. Perhaps a vehicle combusting, or a propane tank. It’s also possible that there was no secondary explosion and it had just appeared as if there was. 

Mullen explained “There was clear intelligence that additional (terrorist) strikes were on the way, so it was in that environment in which this strike actually took place.” 

Though it seemed more strikes did not occur at the airport despite the U.S. attacking a false target. 


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