Biden donor funds study ‘debunking’ big tech censorship

Researches released a new study claiming that conservatives are spreading misinformation when accusing big tech of bias against conservatives

Not so surprisingly, the study was funded by Craig Newmark. The founder of Craigslist and a major donor to the Biden campaign. The billionaire has donated over $100,000 to the presidents campaign.

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The study claims that the idea of conservative censorship on social media is based in “distortions and falsehoods”.

The researchers justify the censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal claiming it was a “reasonable decision.”  and that the story was based on “stolen materials.” 

The story was not based in stolen materials. The laptop was left at a repair shop over a prolonged period of time and under a policy that causes abandoned laptops to become the property of the repairman. 

The study also ignores the hundreds of Conservative creators that were banned from social media shortly after the Donald Trump purge on January 7th. 

Tulsi Gabard (Democrat) addresses issues with big tech censorship on social media

After Trump was removed from the internet’s largest platforms, big tech knew that their power of censorship was limitless. They continue to exercise this authority over ideas in plan sight.


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