Biden Refuses To Commit To Removing Troops By Deadline

Biden’s first Press conference was certainly one to remember. Aside from immigration, he was asked questions about Afghanistan, here’s how he responded. 

Biden was asked “you face a may 1st deadline (in Afghanistan)  for the withdrawal of troops from that country.  As a candidate in foreign affairs you wrote ‘it is passed time to end these forever wars’. Can you commit to the American people that by May 2nd that the United States will no longer have forced in Afghanistan?”

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He replied by saying “it will be hard to meet the May 1 deadline” – “if we leave we are going to do so in a safe and orderly way” seemingly rescinding on the fact that we would be leaving at all. 

Biden claims to want to ‘end forever wars’ but turns around and bombs Syria. It seems his intentions are quite the contrary. 

The President was then asked “you just said if we leave?” He replied by saying “We WILL leave, the question is when we leave”. 

He was then asked if he thinks that it is possible that we will have troops in Afghanistan next year – Biden claimed “I cannot picture that being the case”. 

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