Ukraine WARNS Russia They WIll TAKE BACK Crimea

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Ukraine has warned Russia that they intend to reclaim Crimea which was annexed by Russia in 2014. 

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The war started with Ukraine defending itself and pleading for help from the western world, now Ukraine seems intent on continuing the war. 

Explosions have been reported on Russian bases in Crimea though Kyiv has not officially taken responsibility Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has dropped hints about a possible counteroffensive.  

“These fireworks mean that Crimea is coming back to Ukraine,” said Serhiy Bratchuk, who is a spokesman for the Odesa region’s military administration. The question is, will the United States and other western nations continue to fund the war? 

The United States alone has promised more than $58 billion and rising, this is more than the entire yearly budget for the UK’s own military. The U.S. has so far provided more than $8 billion of the whole number, which totals more than what we spent during the first 5 years of the Afghanistan war. 

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America has sent Howitzer and Javelin missiles worth more than $70,000 per shot, while the UK and France have respectively sent their own Howitzer artillery vehicles and other equipment. 

The problem boils down to two simple questions: how does funding the war in Ukraine help the American people? And do these benefits outweigh the consequences? 

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There doesn’t actually seem to be any benefit in dumping billions into Ukraine, and the consequences could be a Third World War or worse. 

Joe Biden has acknowledged on several occasions that sending military vehicles crewed by American troops would instigate a war, so what’s the difference between sending vehicles manned by Americans and vehicles manned by Ukrainians? The vehicles still kill Russians, and they’re still vehicles the Ukrainians did not have prior to U.S. intervention. 


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