Cuomo Unsolicited Kissing Caught On Camera

Another accuser comes forward in the Governor Andrew Cuomo case. This time, with photo evidence of the occurrence. 

NBC wrote: “A married New York woman said Monday that Gov. Andrew Cuomo grabbed her by her face, gave her unwanted kisses and appeared to come on to her in front of her son while touring flood damage on her property in 2017.

Sherry Vill said she was introduced to Cuomo, in her Greece, New York, home where he leaned over and kissed her cheeks in a “highly sexual manner.”

Cuomo claimed that this is just what Italians do, it’s culture. Vill, however is Italian. She claims that her family kisses each other, but not strangers. Cuomo certainly was not family. 

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Cuomo went on to tour Vill’s property, but she did not go with him due to how uncomfortable he had made her feel. 

Not long after the uncomfortable experience a member of Cuomo’s office reached out, and invited Vill to an event with Cuomo. 

She claimed she was the only one who received a call, not her husband, or her son, none of her family. Just her. 

Vill never returned the call. She felt as though she had been “manhandled” by the governor and wanted nothing to do with him. He was a foot taller than her, and intimidated the woman in her own home. 

This is not a good look for the governor, but at this point it’s certain that no New Yorker is surprised. Although, some remain skeptical despite photo evidence.


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