Russia Reportedly Bombs Residential Buildings In Kharkiv

Ukraine is alleging that Russia has carried out a missile strike on a residential neighborhood in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. 

Footage of the event emerged Monday morning on Twitter. The clip was circulated by several Ukrainian journalists working for the Kyiv Independent. The video appears authentic and real. 

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A journalist and editor for the Kyiv independent posted the video, in a thread below he replied with another video allegedly taken in Kharkiv that showed a street littered with the bodies of dead civilians. 

Christo Grozev, another Ukrainian journalist showed a different angle of the destruction inflicted on Kharkiv by the Russian military. 

 “This is what they are doing now to Kharkiv – a city that they totally believed was part of the ‘Russian world’. What will they do to the OTHERS??” Grozev said. 

Illia Ponomarenko, a Defense reporter with the Kyiv independent says that he has lost count of Russian POWs captured. He alleged that an average of 2 or 3 Russian soldiers surrender every hour. 

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In addition, Ukraine has launched a website for the families of Russian soldiers who have been taken as prisoners of war or have been killed in action. This helps Russian families but also appears to be an attempt by the Ukrainian government to further polarize the Russian population against its government. 


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