Woke Mob Pretends Western Support For Ukraine Is Racist

Imagine, as war tears Ukraine apart and the Western world shows overwhelming support for Russia’s neighbor, sheltered Americans claim support for Ukraine is racist. 

White wokesters argued on Twitter that the West glorifies non-POCs who engage in armed resistance. The commentators argued that the same cannot be said for people of color who do the same. The tweets brought in tens of thousands of likes and shares. 

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It’s unclear exactly what ‘armed resistance’ the tweets referenced, but one of the Tweet authors, Claudia added a reply to her initial post that seemed to allude to the civil rights movement in the U.S. and potentially even the Black Lives Matter movement. 

There’s a stark difference between destroying private property, residential buildings, looting and causing mayhem, and repelling a foreign invasion from an authoritarian regime. 

The commentators also pointed out that the Ukrainians and their supporters have been successful at crowdfunding whereas Muslim groups have not.

“beyond the strangeness of this, i’m just reminded of the number of Muslims and Muslim organizations who had their bank accounts shut off and placed on blacklists for donating to charities with tenuous “Hamas links,” one user said, apparently having forgotten that majority-white Canadian protestors were ousted from Go Fund Me earlier this month. 

In fact, the Canadian government gave the Freedom Protesters almost the exact treatment described in the tweet – except it went even farther. 

Private citizens had their bank accounts frozen for having simply donated any amount of money to a cause they believed in. It had nothing to do with what color the protestors were, and everything to do with what they believed in. 

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