Taliban Threaten The U.S. With “Negative Consequences”

Despite troops having left Afghanistan, tension between the U.S. and the Taliban has not subsided. 

Fox News reported,  The Taliban on Wednesday warned the U.S. against flying drones over its “sacred airspace” or there could be “negative consequences.” 

What consequences they have in mind, are at this time unknown to us. However, the Taliban are a terrorist organization known for horrific attacks on their own people, and cruel treatment of anyone who opposes them. 

“We recently saw the United States violating all international rights, laws and … commitments made to the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, as Afghanistan’s sacred airspace is being invaded by U.S. drones,”  a spokesperson for the regime said on Twitter 

Oddly despite their disregard for human rights and murderous behavior, Twitter has allowed the Taliban to remain on their platform. Simultaneously Twitter has wiped out all signs of Donald J Trump and disallowed any communications of his to be spread on the website. 

The spokesperson went on, “We call on all countries, especially [the] United States, to treat Afghanistan in light of international rights, laws and commitments … in order to prevent any negative consequences.” 

It’s unclear what “commitments” the Taliban refer to that were made in Doha, but if they mean promises made during peace talks under the Trump administration, those deals are now null and void. 

Trumps agreement with the Taliban in Doha were purely conditional. The Taliban did not hold up to their end of the bargain, therefore the United States has no obligation to hold up theirs. 

Typically, threats to America do not go unanswered. However, under the Biden administration the once strong nation has portrayed itself as weak and foolish.