Board Votes To PUNISH Students Who Misgender

The Fairfax County school board in Virginia has voted to punish students who Misgender their peers at Luther Jackson middle school. 

Fox News reported, The changes in the Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook, approved by a vote of 8-4, make it possible for students as young as fourth grade to be suspended for “malicious misgendering” or “deadnaming” their peers. “Deadnaming” is a word used to describe the act of referring to someone by a name they used prior to transitioning. The changes would also bar elementary and middle school students from using cellphones during the school day, and prohibit high school students from using their cellphones in classrooms, bathrooms, and locker rooms.

Parents in the area were furious when they discovered the change in policy. After all, how could the school, or a transgender student prove that someone else was Misgender in f with “malicious intent”?

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“Last year, this Board refused to provide our children in-person education for over a year,” Said a concerned parent who believes that the board needs to check its priorities, “Families were struggling and inundated with homeschooling or mediating their children’s virtual (un) learning, and rather than addressing academic concerns, this Board slips a policy past us that virtually no one supports. Last night, we witnessed them doubling down on that policy and confirming that parents’ voices do not matter to them.”

“They are talking about potentially giving suspensions to children as young as fourth grade, and these rules will go in place for children all the way as young as kindergarten.” Said Tyler Ohta, founder of Moms for American Values

Young kids, boys particularly have been misgendering each other for as long as schools have existed, and long before gender ideology. It’s not uncommon that a young boy might liken one of his friends to a girl, or even outright call him one. Will this cause a punishment? How does this benefit the education system? 


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