Andrew Cuomo Bashes Left Over Cancel Culture And Radicalization

After having been ousted by the liberal community, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blasted Democrats claiming that they have taken radical positions and are obsessed with cancel culture. 

The New York Post reported, In an address to a group of Hispanic ministers at a Bronx church where he spoke the invitation of the controversial ex-councilman Ruben Diaz Sr., Cuomo labeled himself a “concerned New Yorker” and lamented the “extremist” political discourse on his side of the aisle that he complained elected officials had failed to stand up to. 

“There is no doubt that there is no place where the tail is wagging the dog. One manifestation of extremism is the so-called cancel culture,” Cuomo said. 

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Cuomo resigned as governor after having been wrapped up in several scandals including one revolving around his alleged sexual assault and harassment of at least 11 women. Most of these women are former employees of Cuomo’s office. 

Now Cuomo, still proclaiming his innocence seems to convey that he regrets having not stood up to the woke mob that he once stood proudly as a member of. 

This appears to be a feeble attempt to downplay his own actions and pander to moderate liberals and right-wingers. Despite his efforts, it’s unlikely Cuomo will ever rise back to his former pedestal of influence. Since he resigned the former governor has been resented not only by Republicans but also by Democrats and the far left. 

Cuomo, just like any other individual is innocent until proven guilty in a criminal trial or civilly – however, piles of photographic evidence link him to the crimes that he is accused of. Thus far, he has not been formally convicted on any count. 


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