Jen Psaki Caught Lying Again, Did Any Officers Die On Jan 6?

Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been no stranger to telling untruths in the past. The trend will likely follow her until she resigns. 

Most recently she falsely stated that “there were a number of officers who lost their lives” on January 6th during the Capitol siege. This is not the truth. It’s not even half true. 

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Officer Brian Sicknick died in January 7th, not January 6th. He did not die from injuries sustained during the siege. Washington D.C. Chief Medical Examiner concluded his death was a result of two strokes, and the manner was natural. 

Days after the event, two other officers committed suicide. Their names were Jeffery Smith, and Howard Liebengood. 

Psaki also lied earlier this year in a video, claiming that “all vaccines are FDA approved” which they are not. No COVID 19 vaccine is FDA approved. All are approved for emergency use which bears a separate standard of testing.

This misinformation misdirects the thoughts of American citizens. Listeners should be able to trust the words of the White House Press Secretary. 


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