The Hidden Costs of Covid Lockdowns

After over a year of nonsense mandates and restrictions that, by Anthony’s own admission in his released emails have admitted to, have done little to nothing to prevent the spread of a virus that is largely non-threatening to the young, a more devastating, more pervasive and contagious threat has grown out of control – poor mental health.

For years before the Covid crisis, experts in various fields had insisted upon the detrimental effects of an absent social life and an over-reliance on phones and apps to converse with others. The human mind, after all, is hardwired for face-to-face communication. So what could have ever been reasonably expected to happen when certain gatherings were, in some cases, made criminal during 2020? It doesn’t take a lab coat to know.

Children have been hit particularly hard, many of their social skills stunted. There have even been claims by developmental psychologists (as well as parents who can see their children’s health withering before their eyes) that infants are missing critical facial recognition conditioning due to the widespread use of ineffective masks. A skill that is nearly impossible to re-learn beyond a certain point in their lives. This inability to recognize and register the faces of the family and future peers is expected to lead to the generation of kids with unrecoverable social aptitude, antisocial behavior, and widespread depression.

Children, while the most blameless and most tragic victims of the superstitious lock-down edicts are not the only ones that have been affected. Many adults, old and young, many already dealing with difficulties, have had their mental states throttled. For many months, people fearful of pubic life or improper sanitation were suddenly thrust into a new and horrible environment where news of a killer virus floating around like a miasma.

This attack on America’s, and the wider world’s, mental health has been an order of magnitude more crippling to the long-term functioning of civilization than the erroneous estimates surrounding covid. Now, with the advent of the much-hyped “delta variant” that has, reportedly, rendered the Pfizer vaccine all but useless, many fear a sudden return to a lock-down world just as summer has begun and life has begun to return to the flattened small businesses. Some places already have. Is this the new normal? If so, there is much darker normal not far behind this one.


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