Lori Lightfoot Violates Mask Mandates At WNBA Game

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Democrat leaders have been creating rules that restrict the freedom of their constituents, only to later violate their own policy. 

On Sunday, Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago was caught, once again, violating local and state mask mandates during the WNBA finals in her own city. She was the one who shared the photo of her maskless, surrounded by others.

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The irony is that Lightfoot enacted the Chicago indoor mask mandate with her own signature. Democrats across America follow one simple doctrine, “laws for thee, but not for me”.

Democrats like Lightfoot have, from the very beginning, stressed the importance of mask wearing and social distancing especially when in the vicinity of large groups. 

Despite this rhetoric, Lori Lightfoot has been seen maskless at Black Lives Matter protests packed in with other protestors. 

Lightfoot isn’t the only one whose been caught violating mandates. Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, also appeared at a Black Lives Matter protest at the beginning of the pandemic. She was seen shoulder-to-shoulder with maskless individuals who very well could have spread the virus to her.  

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Former Governor Andrew Cuomo was seen in public on numerous occasions without his mask after having enacted a statewide mask mandate for public spaces. 

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, was seen at a hair salon that was operating illegally in her city. She was caught on security cameras without a mask on.

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The list goes on and surely shows that these “leaders” are not truly concerned with the pandemic, but instead control. If they cared about the pandemic, they would take their own advice and lead by example.


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