Washington Post Calls For Reporters To Go Easy On Biden

After four years of relentless media attacks on Donald Trump, the Washington Post has warned White House reporters away from being too hard on Biden. 

“For left-wing Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan and opinion writer Jennifer Rubin, it’s the press who should be on the hot seat.

Sullivan wrote that show-boating press members might worry about not looking as tough on Biden as they were on President Donald Trump, with whom the mainstream media had a mutually antagonistic relationship,” Fox reported. 

A clear bias emerges from the Washington Post. Attack Donald Trump, but roll over and surrender to Joe Biden. After all, if it weren’t for the media’s constant bias in the first place… Joe might not be in office. 

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“Every president must be covered with a critical eye, but the constant bias for drama leads to misleading coverage when the Oval Office inhabitant is not drama-prone,” said Post opinion writer, Jennifer Rubin.

Where was this attitude towards media bias and drama 4 years ago? One year ago? Or even 6 months ago? It didn’t exist. The post had one mission: ruin Trump. 

The mission has been accomplished, and the next task at hand is: Make Biden look competent. A seemingly impossible feat. 

“For the White House press corps, there’s also a temptation to play to the crowd. Every TV reporter has to be thinking about the 10-second clip of their question that might be used on Thursday’s newscast, establishing them as the star du jour who bravely challenged the president,” Writer Margaret Sullivan claimed. 

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She illustrates exact attitude reporters had during the Trump era, which is by coincidence only a problem while Biden is in the Oval Office. 

The preach to end media bias, while accidentally exposing their own bias, and the bias of their organization.

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