BREAKING: Mitch McConnell OPPOSES January 6 Commission

On Wednesday, Republican Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell said he opposes the House bill which would create a “bipartisan” and “independent” commission that would further investigate the events of the January 6 Capitol Building Riot.

The House is set to vote its creation on Wednesday to then be passed to the Senate. The commission would be modeled after the one created for the September 11 terror attack.

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From the Senate floor McConnell said, “After careful consideration, I’ve made the decision to oppose the House Democrats slanted and unbalanced proposal for another commission to study the events of Jan. 6.”

McConnell argued there were already numerous law enforcement agencies that have made many arrests. Also, there is, “no shortage of robust investigations” by the Justice Department and congressional committees.

“From initially offering a laughably partisan starting point to continuing to insist on various other features under the hood that are designed to centralize control over the commission’s process and its conclusion in Democratic hands,” he continued.

If the bill passes the House, it would need 10 Republican senators to defect to pass in the Senate.

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Democrat Majority Leader, Charles Schumer said he vows to the proposed ” legislation to the Senate.

“Here in the Senate, we will have a vote. … The only way to stop these lies is to respond with the truth, with facts, with an honest, objective investigation on what happened that day,” he said.

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