Email From Senior Official Details Anti-White Descrimination In State Dept.

Tuesday Senator Ted Cruz grilled the State Departments Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley in relation to an email circulated in the department by a senior official that detailed shocking discrimination in hiring practices. 

The email outlined that often candidates are denied for being white men, being straight white men, or not being of “the right religion”. The email also noted that the state department discriminates against people with disabilities. 

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Cruz speculated what ‘the right religion’ might mean, “I’m not sure what that meant but I suspect that it meant if someone is a Christian” Cruz told Winstanley that he believes that the administration is “staffed by radicals” and called their hiring practices “brazen discrimination.” 

When asked if she had approved the guidance in the email Winstanley said that she’d never seen the email before. “This is the first time in seeing it sir,” she told Cruz 

When asked if she was aware that these practices were occurring at the state department, Winstanley responded by saying, “I am definite and certain that they are not happening at the state department.” 

This must mean that the senior official who sent out the email was lying, but when asked if this was the case Winstanley appeared lost for words. 

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